Joe and Rhonda

We are a pair of geologists who have a curiosity for and love for all geologic treasures. Rock Decor is the unintended result of years of our continued interest in all things geologic. The idea of Rock Decor was born in 2004, but with the slowdown of the economy over the next several years, we held off starting anything. In 2012, we took our first step into the world of selling minerals by becoming vendors at the well-known Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show (AZMFS), held at the Hotel Tucson City Center (Inn Suites) in Tucson, AZ. Using our vacation time, we setup as vendors at the AZMFS every year until 2018, when we decided we wanted to try opening a rock shop. Now (2021), we are excited to go another step and open our real ‘brick and mortar’ rock, mineral, and fossil gallery in Reno, NV. We love looking at and chatting about rocks, so please stop by the shop and say hello.

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